[English sub] ADN-210 Immoral Father-in-law & Newlywed Wife Tsumugi Akari

The first 30 seconds of this movie are a flashback from Tsumugi Akari’s memory, and incident that happened 6 years ago with her stepfather.

6 years ago Tsumugi Akari’s Mother remarried and Akari didn’t get along well the new stepfather. An incident happened between the two of them and she ran away from home, scaping to a new life in Tokyo. 6 years after, she is engaged with a new boyfriend and they go together go visit Akari’s family to tell them the good news. She is feeling very nervous about the re-encounter and tensions run high.

The director did a very good job presenting the story and with everything else, the angles, the music, etc. Everything felt natural and smooth. And all the actors in this movie performed with high effort and they fitted their role well. Special mention to the superstar Akari Tsumugi, who really outdid herself in this movie. She makes us feel that the story is real, and that can only mean that she is doing her job properly.

Really good movie. 4.5/5

出演者: Akari Tsumugi

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