[English sub] DVDES-795 A World with Exceptionally Low Hurdles to SEX #9

It’s a fantasy world with very low hurdles to sex where everybody seems to have a very high libido and there’s no social shame to sex. On the contrary, having sex is encouraged.

Moreover, in this fantasy world, the incest runs rampant. As the characters are the Mother, the Fathers, three sisters, and some neighbors. Some of the situations are priceless, some are hilarious, some are batshit crazy and deranged so watch at your own discretion.

The series spanned 11 movies and lasted until 2016. My favorite thing about this #9 movie is Minato Riku starring as one of the daughters, she’s just awesome and it doesn’t get any better than that. Moreover, Mizuhara Sana acting as the mother is awesome is such a treat too.

出演者: Kanae Ruka Kyouno Mirei Minato Riku Mizuhara Sana

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