[English sub] IPX-243 My Girlfriend’s Younger Sister Comes On To Me With Her Big Tits Kana Momonogi

This one young man has a girlfriend and he goes to her house to spend the weekend (and get laid). The GF is on the shower and the sexual tension is building up, so he decides to surprise her in the shower. He removes his clothes and opens the shower door without permission. But as it happens, is not his girlfriend who is taking a shower, but she sister of his girlfriend instead (Kana Momonogi).

This shocks Kana who screams. A bit later, he goes to Kana room to apologize for the shameful confusion. He then will discover than Kana Momonogi is so smoking, and much more his type than the girlfriend. He will also discover that Kana is both jealous and horny…

If there ever was a video where POV was needed this is it. That variety of Kana smirks and deep stares are awesome, not to mention her deep voice… she’s too perfect.

出演者: Kimiiro Kana Momonogi Kana

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