[English sub] PRTD-010 Hell in the mansion of the rich Sazanami Aya

Sazanami Aya lives in the house of his ultra-rich employer and his son, as devoted as she is, she even refers to them as “master”. However, the company business of her master goes bankrupt and is not that long until a gang of Yakuza dudes appears on the doorstep to collect any money they can. The master begs for his life, and he promises the thugs to pay up in a month.

The Yakuza boss is intrigued by the maid uppity attitude, and so he agrees to the 1-month offer letting them go, but with the sole condition of taking the maid as collateral for a month…

Sazanami Aya is such a hot girl, and in this video she gives a very solid performance, putting herself in the shoes of this very headstrong and devoted maid. Not to mention those pouty lips… yummy.

出演者: Sazanami Aya

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