[English sub] SDMU-942 An Older Guy Teaches Her Everything About Rough Sex Ruru Arisu

A dude introduces himself into a giant bear costume and throws himself in the street. Pretending to be a “magical” giant bear of some sort, with the intent of getting picked up.

Contrary to expectations, the absurd plan actually ends up succeeding when a gullible girl that loves bears decides to pick him up and bring home.

From there on, it’s a series of crazy and creative happenings and “pranks” at the girl house.

I will not spoiler any but the movie is truly hilarious, consistent, and well-done. The movie is packed with many moments of Japanese-tier genius moments.  Arisu Ruru may not cater to everybody’s taste but she was awesome and brilliant, Her character evolution was spot-on and she totally nailed this role.

And on top of everything that ending was really just wow!

出演者: Arisu Ruru

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