[English sub] SSNI-181 The Most Erotic Thing To Happen In Your Life! Aika Yumeno

SSNI-181 is a series of 5 unrelated and extravagant situations =

  1. A janitor trying to help a stuck Aika Yumeno in the locker room destroys her dress by mistake.
  2. Aika Yumeno is a teacher doing chemistry 1 on 1 with a student.
  3. An underwear thief bumps with Aika, which is better than underwear.
  4. A janitor tries to help Aika Yumeno clean her dress.
  5. Aika Yumeno is giving a clothes sales pitch at a meeting, but she blows it… with sexy results.

All the scenes have in common a not so naive Aika Yumeno that ends up banged big time.

I think I liked scene number 5 the most, Daisuke Sadamatsu is such a superb actor.

出演者: Yumeno Aika

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