[English sub] SSNI-452 Made To Model Lingerie Fetish Special Yua Mikami

Yua Mikami works as a clothes designer for a lingerie company and she will soon find out that everybody in that company is literally nuts.

Yua is very talented and charismatic, her lingerie designs are good, and she believes that people nowadays prefer sexier designs, so she does some very sexy designs some risky T-backs, strings, and whatnot. This doesn’t settle well with some people in the company. For starters, the female chief designer an older lady hates her guts and she goes to complain at the company president (Taku) who is very delighted, and actually, has other plans for Yua-chan…

Yua collides with the magazine boss, the president, her section boss, and finally, she is forced to model her own designs… much to her own shame.

The plot is simple and the video is fine, but perhaps not at the same level as some of the old “Made To Model Underwear” videos from years ago. Yua is great as always and I cannot complain about her at all, but this “getting rekt by everybody” role also left me a bit puzzled. On the other hand, she’s pretty hot.

出演者: Mikami Yua

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