[English sub] ZUKO-065 Resentful Babymaking With My Four Daughters

Life is tough for this one middle-aged dude:

  1. Fired from work and tagged as an unemployed loser.
  2. His wife has been missing from home for 3 days without much explanation (and he is not getting any action).
  3. He tries his best at parenting this 4 daughters, but they are all very rebellious and hate the crap out of him.

He seemingly reaches the point of no return and decides that her daughters will love him properly, whether they like it or not.

Action escalates gradually: 2p -> 3p -> 4p -> 5p.

Last time, someone asked about the Tsudenre word meaning. Basically is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold or hostile before showing a gradually warmer and more friendlier attitude. side over time.

The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun (ツンツン), meaning to turn away in disgust, and dere dere (デレデレ) meaning to become “lovey-dovey”.

出演者: Ashina Yuria Kawana Misuzu Mano Yuria Ninomiya Saki

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